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Moremi Game Reserve was created by the BaTawana people who wished to protect the wildlife diversity in the land they lived on in 1963.  The reserve is now run by the Botswana government, and has expanded since its inception to include Chiefs Island and other areas of the Delta.  Moremi takes its name from Chief Moremi III, leader of the Tawana people at the time the reserve was created.

Moremi enjoys a wide diversity of habitats, from the mainly dry plains of the "Islands", to the typical delta scenery of the low-lying wetlands, to the dense and tall forests of the Moremi Tongue.  There are lodges in all areas of the Park, most of which are in private areas that mean few fellow travellers but excellent access to the wildlife.  In most cases lodges in Moremi offer only game drives, as the government legislation designed to protect the flora and fauna forbids walking and night drives, although the lodges located near waterways or lagoons will be able to offer boat cruises and mokoro trips. (cont.)

The best time of year to visit Moremi is during the dry season from May to October, when the waters dry up and game viewing becomes easier due to the access and reduced level of bush.  Lodges in Moremi are open year-round, and each month brings something new to discover, so don't write the area off if you are restricted with your travelling time.

Game viewing in Moremi is excellent, with high numbers of predators and relaxed big game.  You will see plenty of elephant, buffalo, giraffe and many varieties of antelope, plus if you're lucky wild dog and rhino, which were reintroduced to the Moremi in 2001.  Bird-life is also spectacular.  The combination of huge numbers of wildlife and beautiful scenery makes Moremi one of Botswana's premier safari destinations.

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