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Many lodges in Botswana offer a guided walking safari as one of the activities to choose from.  In general, walking in the National Parks is forbidden, so if you are keen to take to your feet while on safari in Botswana, do make sure to include one or two lodges that offer this unique and exciting activity.

In principle you don't get quite as close to big game as you would in a vehicle (although in practice it can turn out to be just the opposite!), but you also get the opportunity to study things - such as insects, trees, droppings and spoor - that you normally never observe from a vehicle, and see the bush from the wildlife's eye view, rather than looking down on everything from the back of your 4x4. Walking safaris are a great opportunity for photographers to get down to ground level for some impressive pictures.

Walking safaris in Botswana are not particularly strenuous - you will be stopping frequently to observe the fascinating details of the bush so the pace is not [cont.]

brisk by any means, but you will be travelling over rough terrain. Walks tend to last for 3 to 4 hours with a mid-walk break, setting off early in the morning and arriving at your next lodge or campsite at around 10 or 11 in the morning to avoid walking during the hot midday sun. Afternoon walks are also possible, again timed to avoid walking at the hotter times of day.  Safety in the bush is always your host's top priority, and you will be accompanied by an experienced (and armed!) ranger as well as your guide at all times.

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Image of Central Kalahariview


The second largest game reserve in the world, the Central Kalahari is a remote and unique destination.

Image of Chobeview


A large Park in northern Botswana, Chobe is famous for large amounts of game, and, in places, large amounts of tourists.

Image of Linyantiview


An area northwest of the Okavango Delta, rich with wildlife and benefitting from private reserve status.

Image of Moremiview


A large game reserve that occupies a third of the area of the Okavango Delta - fantastic game and scenery is guaranteed.

Image of Okavango Deltaview


A series of private reserves cover the unique area of the Okavango River Delta - perhaps the jewel in the Botswana crown.

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