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The Linyanti area actually consists of several private reserves clustered around the Linyanti Marshes to the northeast of the Okavango Delta and the west of the Chobe National Park.  The Linyanti Marshes form where the Mashi (also called Kwando) River and Linyanti Rivers meet.  The Selinda Spillway also runs between this area and the Okavango Delta, and is the location of several high quality lodges.

Vegetation in the Linyanti area is largely riverine forests, mopane woodlands and open floodplains.

Although the numbers of wildlife in the area probably don't match those within the Chobe National Park, the Linyanti area's private reserves offer more activities, in the form of walking safaris and night drives, as well as being more remote and less well-visited than their neighbours in Chobe.  Game viewing is generally excellent, with particularly large elephant populations in the Linyanti Reserve and excellent predator (cont.)

numbers in the Selinda Reserve.  Wild dog can be found throughout the area, and leopard are common in the woodlands.

The best time to visit the Linyanti area is during the dry months when reduced water sources forces the wildlife to the permanent Linyanti and Mashi Rivers.

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