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The core activity of any African safari is the game drive, best undertaken in an open-sided 4WD vehicle. At BotswanaAway we always try to put together itineraries that have the scope to do more than this. Thus in certain locations you may also be able to undertake walking safaris and night drives, with the further possibility of bush camping, boat trips and the like.

We have tried to group the various activities that can be undertaken during a safari holiday into different sections, as shown below. To find out more information you can either link on from these illustrated panels or simply choose the activity that interests you from the drop-down menu above.

At BotswanaAway we will design a safari for you that includes as many of these activities as are of interest to you, either focusing on just one geographical area, or taking in a wide spread of different habitats right across the country. Whether you are a first time safari visitor, a dedicated bird watcher, or someone with a desire to just soak up the sun on a tropical beach, we can cater for your exact requirements.

For more specific assistance regarding any of these activities please call us on 0121 472 1541, or email us using the contact form in the right hand column of this page.


Safari Activities

Most itineraries will revolve around the activities listed here, but with two activities per day at most lodges, you will get plenty of time to sample everything Botswana has to offer.

Game Viewing

The classic safari anywhere will almost certainly be based around the game-drive - travelling through the bush by 4WD, designed to tackle any terrain and get you to the best viewing location.

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Night Drives

A great feature of a safari is the ability to take night drives to get sightings of nocturnal wildlife, although in Botswana not every destination can offer night drives, so plan with care.

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Walking Safari

Taking to your feet in the bush on a walking safari is probably the ultimate bush experience.  Botswana offers safari-goers the chance to walk through some of Africa's most spectacular wilderness.

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Boat Safaris

Boat cruises, whether they be on the Chobe River or waterways of the Okavango Delta, offer a unique way to explore the bush from a different angle.

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Mokoro Safaris

A defining feature of a safari in the Okavango Delta, the mokoro (dug -out canoe) provides a fantastic way to glide throught the wetlands in serenity.

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Activity-based Safaris

Although much of the basic safari activity consists of sitting still in a game viewing vehicle, many people will enjoy exercising themselves rather more than this.

We can arrange dedicated tours for those interested in pursuing their hobbies while on safari, including birdwatching, photography and horseback safaris.


Most people will want to combine game viewing, or bird watching, with photography. In a few cases we can arrange specialist tours, and will always be on hand to offer you our own expertise.

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There is a huge variety of birdlife in Tanzania including both native and migratory species.  Many itineraries that are available include unique habitats that put the emphasis on birdwatching.

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Horseback Safaris

For those with the experience a horseback safari in Botswana offers a thrilling alternative vacation.  Venture out into the untamed wilderness from a number of specialist lodges across Botswana.

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Whether you are looking for serious sport-fishing or just want to take time away from the 4x4, Botswana has plenty to offer anglers of all experience.

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Special Interest Safaris

Not necessarily things to do while on safari, these ARE the safaris for those looking for a safari in Botswana with a difference or with particular needs.


We specialise in providing memorable and effortless honeymoons in Botswana - usually combining 'beach and bush' - so if you are planning yours why not call us and speak to someone for advice?

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Green Season Safaris

The green, or "emerald", season is for those that want to see the Parks when the waters are high, the vegetation is lush and fellow tourists thin on the ground.

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Beach Holidays

Many of our guests opt to extend their visit to Africa by taking a beach holiday - a perfect opportunity for some R&R on a tropical beach after a hectic safari.

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