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The mokoro (plural mekoro) is a flat-bottomed canoe traditionally dug-out of a ebony or sausage tree, but now being made from fibre-glass as a more ecologically sensitive material.  Each mokoro can take two passengers, and is piloted by a poler who stands at the back of the craft, much like punters on the Cam.  You will have a team of polers, depending on how large your group is, plus a guide performing the usual duties of looking out for anything of interest and answering any questions you may have.

After the bumpy, dusty off-road game drives, the serene, noiseless quality of a mokoro safari on the Okavango Delta's myriad waterways can be priceless.  Travelling by mokoro takes you to parts of the reserves that off-road vehicles and motor launches cannot reach, particularly when waters are high from May to September.  You will be able to glide up to elephant, hippo or buffalo herds with ease, providing unique game-viewing and photographic opportunities. [cont.]

We would highly recommend the addition of a mokoro trip to any Botswana safari itinerary if possible - it provides a marvellous way to explore the Delta's riverine habitats and helps create a well-rounded and exciting safari that will live long in the memory.