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Horseback Safaris

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The main attraction of a horseback safari in Botswana is the joy of riding good horses over superb country, with just about every landscape dotted with game. The riding is varied, sometimes quietly walking, stalking big game and admiring the bird life, sometimes cantering through the water-meadows alongside galloping giraffe and lechwe.  On horseback, not only do you gain a different perspective on your environment, but also the game animals are less wary of the horse, so you are able to get much closer to the widlife.

Some lodges will offer a horseback trip as a scheduled activity, replacing a game drive or walk.  In other cases you will be able to book a full horseback expedition, trekking out in the wilderness and camping at night in mobile tents.  Expeditions such as this can last between 2 and 7 days.  Some places cater for every ability, while for longer treks you may be required to have experience riding and know how to control your horse competently.  For more information on horseback safaris in Botswana, please contact us.