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Chobe National Park is in the far north of Botswana, bordering the Caprivi Strip in Namibia and in close proximity to the Victoria Falls on the Zambia/ Zimbabwe border.  It extends southward to the northern Kalahari, covering about 10,500 square kilometers of varying terrain, including the Chobe River area, Savuti Marshlands and the Linyanti Swamps.

The Chobe Riverfront (Serondela) area in the far north of the Park is undoubtedly great for game viewing, with large herds of elephant and buffalo present especially during the dry season (April - November), along with the predators that hunt them.  There are several lodges in the area that offer game drives and walks as well as river-based activities.  Because of the proximity to the busy Kasane and Victoria Falls, this area does get fairly packed with overlanders on safari, so you need to choose your accommodation with care in Chobe.

Further south and to the east, lies the Savuti (also spelt Savute) Marsh.  Another great area for game (cont.)

viewing, with large predator populations including leopard, lion and hyena, as well as lots of zebra, giraffe and elephant.  The area is strongly seasonal, with game numbers varying according to the migration patterns, which are complex, but a lot of game moves through the area as the waters dry up, journeying northward from the dry interior to the Chobe and Linyanti Rivers.

Access is not easy, and the area is probably best explored as a mobile safari, but there are a few permanent lodges worth looking at when planning your Botswana safari.  Also, as these areas are protected by government legislation, there is limited facility to take night drives or walking safaris.